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Cadia Valley Operations is owned by Newcrest Mining Limited and is one of the largets gold mining operations in Australia. Operations include two underground mines and an ore processing facility.

Rehabilitation & Biodiversity

The overall rehabilitation goal is to generate enduring land value, including both ecological value (e.g. biological diversity and other environmental values) and agricultural value (i.e. the ability to produce agricultural goods).

Rehabilitation activities at Cadia Valley Operations (CVO) aims to generate sustainable landforms at the mine site and on CHPL-owned land by rehabilitating mine disturbed lands to:

  • Enhance biodiversity and add value to the current vegetation corridor programme (ecological value);
  • Allow for the future land use of sustainable grazing where appropriate (agricultural value); and
  • Retain areas that may be important for future industry and infrastructure needs and for cultural heritage conservation.

As one of the largest landholders in the Central West, Newcrest recognises it has the opportunity to create a production and conservation landscape on a scale presently unobtainable in such a highly modified landscape. The works undertaken by Newcrest have the ability to provide an ecologically sustainable and productive landscape for future generations.

Progressive rehabilitation will be undertaken throughout the life of the project, where practicable.


File Description Size Published
Cadia Rehabilitation Monitoring 2016-17 8.3 MB 22/12/2017
CVO Rehabilitation Monitoring 2015-16 13.0MB 31/08/2016
CVO Rehabilitation Monitoring 2014-15 10.4 MB 16/02/2016
CVO Rehabilitation Monitoring 2013-14 12.8 MB 16/09/2014
CVO Rehabilitation Monitoring 2012-13 35.2 MB 09/09/2014
CVO Rehabilitation Monitoring 2011-12 32.7 MB 09/09/2014
CVO Rehabilitation Monitoring 2010-11 21.1 MB 18/5/2012
CVO Rehabilitation Monitoring 2009-10 13.1 MB 09/09/2014
CVO Rehabilitation Monitoring 2008-09 20.8 MB 09/09/2014