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Cadia Valley Operations is owned by Newcrest Mining Limited and is one of the largets gold mining operations in Australia. Operations include two underground mines and an ore processing facility.

Performance Reporting

Annual Environmental Management Report

The Annual Environmental Management Report (AEMR) is prepared to provide a summary of site issues and monitoring data for the preceding reporting period.

Annual environmental management reporting or review for CVO is specifically required by respective conditions in Mining Leases, the Environmental Protection Licence and the Cadia East Project Approval.

The AEMR reports on the status of approvals, leases, licences, environmental risk management, environmental control strategies, a summary of community relations and liaison, mine development and rehabilitation in relation to the Mine Operations Plan (MOP).

Project environmental performance in relation to the collective conditions of approvals, leases and licences for the previous 12 month period is also reported.

The AEMR also includes a review and any proposed improvements in relation to environmental monitoring and management systems and environmental performance. The AEMR specifies environmental and rehabilitation targets to be achieved during the following 12 month period.

Past Reports

File Description Size Published
AEMR 2019-20 and Appendices 8.8 MB 16/11/2020
AEMR 2018-19 and Appendicies 39.8 MB 14/01/2020
AEMR? 2017-18 and Appendicies 45.4 MB 19/12/2018
AEMR 2016-17 and Appendices 50.9 MB 03/01/2018
AEMR 2015-16 and Appendices 30.5 MB 14/07/2017
AEMR 2014-15 and Appendices 36.5 MB 16/02/2016
AEMR 2013-14 and Appendices 13.7 MB 09/12/2014
AEMR 2012-13 and Appendices 21.4 MB 28/03/2014
AEMR 2011-12 and Appendices 9.76 MB 04/02/2014
AEMR 2010-11 and Appendices 8.81 MB 18/05/2012


Environmental Audits

Audits are undertaken to evaluate environmental compliance and performance across site. Audits are a good tool to identify non-conformance to approvals, licences, management plans and programs and commitments, and are used to facilitate continual improvement. In accordance with the Cadia East Project Approval audits are conducted by external independent environmental consultants.

Previous audits can be view by clicking on the documents below.

File Description Size Published
CVO Compliance Audit - Matrix+ 2008 1.64 MB 05/11/2014
CVO Compliance Audit - Umwelt 2011 3.85 MB 12/5/2012
CVO Response to 2011 Compliance Audit 424 KB 05/11/2014
CVO Compliance Audit - GA Brown 2015 7.54 MB 19/08/2015
CVO Response to 2015 Compliance Audit 167 KB 19/08/2015
Cadia Independent Environmental Audit - ERM 2018 2.41 MB 30/01/2018
Cadia Independent Environmental Audit Findings Summary 2018 266 KB 16/08/2018
Cadia Independent Compliance Audit- November 2020 5316 KB 23/02/2021
Cadia Response to Audit Findings- November 2020 1190 KB 23/02/2021