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Cadia Valley Operations is owned by Newcrest Mining Limited and is one of the largets gold mining operations in Australia. Operations include two underground mines and an ore processing facility.
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Images in Heritage

A school play at the Cadia School, circa 1890s

Aboriginal Scar Tree

Aboriginal Scar Tree2

Boiler from the Cornish Engine House and Chimney

Burials in the Cadia Cemetery

Cadia Cemetery

Cadia Cemetery, circa 1960

Cadia Cemetery2

Cadia Heritage Area2

Cadia Public School, 1914

Cadia Village looking north, 1907-1909

Cadia cricket team, circa 1900

Chilcott Street, Cadia Village, 1904

Cornish Engine House and Chimney

Cornish Engine House and Chimney, late 1990s

Cornish Engine House and Chimney2

Cornish Engine House and Chimney3

Cornish Engine House, circa 1914

Drawing of the Engine House and Chimney, 1866

Historic photo of the Cornish Engine House

Historic photo of the Holman-Blood burial enclosure from the creek bank

Historic photo of the Jenkin headstone in the original Cadia Cemetery

Iron Duke Iron Ore mine, circa 1920

Iron Duke Ore mine showing the construction of the tramways, circa 1920

Iron ore being taken to the rail terminal via the aerial ropeway

Josiah Holman, Mine captain for the Scottish Australian Mining Co and buried at Cadia Cemetery

Locals enjoying a picnic to the north of the West Cadia Copper Mine, circa 1923

Men (mostly Welsh) working in the copper smelter

Men standing outside Tynan's Hotel on Chilcott Street, Cadia, circa 1910

Roof (not the original) of Cornish Engine House

The bunkers showing the shoots where the iron ore was loaded onto the trains

The police investigate the mine distaster were 9 miners were killed at the Iron Duke Mine, March 1921

The skipway which carried ore from the Iron Duke mine to where it was loaded onto the aerial ropeway

The skipway which carried ore from the Iron Duke mine to where it was loaded onto the aerial ropeway

Top turn railway terminus where the ore was loaded from the aerial ropeway into the awaiting train, circa 1919

View of Cadia Village from the smelter house, early 1900s

View of cadia looking south west from the copper smelter towards the newly established village, circa 1900

West Cadia Copper Mne, 1908

Workers having a break at The Summit at Cadia

Workers outside the smelter shed
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