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Cadia Valley Operations is owned by Newcrest Mining Limited and is one of the largets gold mining operations in Australia. Operations include two underground mines and an ore processing facility.

Environmental Monitoring

At Cadia Valley Operations (CVO), Newcrest undertakes environmental monitoring in accordance with the Cadia East Project Approval, the EPA Environmental Protection Licence 5590 and the Cadia East Environmental Assessment commitments. Where there are inconsistencies with the Project Approval and the Environmental Assessment commitments, the Project Approval has precedence.

Monitoring undertaken across site and in the vicinity of CVO includes:

  • Noise monitoring
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Blast and vibration monitoring
  • Groundwater level and quality monitoring
  • Spring Monitoring
  • Surface water flows and quality
  • Aquatic ecosystem monitoring
  • Rehabilitation monitoring
  • Pollution discharge monitoring

Management plans and monitoring programs have been developed to describe the method, frequency and reporting format of the environmental aspects monitored. These management plans and programs have been developed in consultation with the community, government agencies and departments, and are updated as required.

Monitoring is carried out using a variety of scientific monitoring equipment specific to the aspect being measured and according to Australian Standards. Most remote locations utilise telemetry to transfer real-time data to a central data repository for analysis. Manual monitoring requires manual data entry into a central database.

Data analysis is undertaken by external independent consultants and internal technical experts. Results are reported regularly and can be viewed on the monitoring tabs on the left of this page.