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Cadia Valley Operations is owned by Newcrest Mining Limited and is one of the largets gold mining operations in Australia. Operations include two underground mines and an ore processing facility.


Blast and vibration monitoring at Cadia Valley Operations (CVO) is managed in accordance with the CVO Blast and Vibration Monitoring Program (CVO BVMP) which was approved by NSW Department of Planning in June 2014.
Monitoring undertaken includes:

  • Ground vibration monitoring
  • Airblast over pressure monitoring

Vibration monitoring is conducted using the following:

  • a geophone set to trigger during ground vibration events greater than 0.10mm/s
        - will record peak vector sum (PVS mm/s) waveforms; and
  • a sound level meter or microphone as part of the blast monitor unit and set to trigger on ground vibration events
        - will record air overpressure peak (dB(Linear)) waveforms

Newcrest Blasting Schedule at CVO

All CVO blasts are designed to comply with blasting and vibration impact criteria specified in the Cadia East Project Approval (PA-06_0295).

Cadia East Preconditioning Blasts

CVO is not currently conducting any preconditioning blasting.

Cadia East and Ridgeway Underground Production Blasts

Underground production blasts occur daily  from 6:45am to 7:00am and 6:45pm to 7:00pm.

Community Relations & Blasting Hotline 1800 063 043

To view the approved CVO Vibration Monitoring Program, click on the link below:

File Description Size Published
CVO Vibration Monitoring Program 644 KB 04/09/2014




To view monthly Vibration Monitoring Reports, click on the links below:

File Description Size Published
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report January 2017 629 KB 20/02/2017
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report February 2017 624 KB 22/03/2017
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report March 2017 628 KB 19/04/2017
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report April 2017 624 KB 05/06/2017
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report May 2017 584 KB 27/06/2017
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report June 2017 496 KB 10/08/2017
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report July 2017 520 KB 25/08/2017
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report August 2017 523 KB 05/10/2017
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report September 2017 512 KB 15/01/2018
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report October 2017 492 KB 28/11/2017
Cadia Blast Monitoring Report November 2017 508 KB 22/12/2017
















To view Vibration Monitoring Reports from previous years, visit the links below:

* Vibration Monitoring Reports 2016

Blast & Vibration locations [click to enlarge]

Blast Monitoring locations