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Cadia Valley Operations is owned by Newcrest Mining Limited and is one of the largets gold mining operations in Australia. Operations include two underground mines and an ore processing facility.


Meteorology and atmospheric data is primarily used to aid in the analysis of environmental monitoring.

Data obtained by the two on-site weather stations offer a representation of climatic conditions across numerous monitoring sites, i.e. stream flow, groundwater recharge, air quality, noise and vibration monitoring. Weather stations monitor temperature, rainfall, solar radiation, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and wind direction.

In addition, rainfall is measured at 11 pluviographs (rain gauges) in the vicinity of Cadia Valley Operations (CVO).

File Description Size Published
Cadia Meteorology Monitoring Summary - January 2017 778 KB 20/02/2017
Cadia Meteorology Monitoring Summary - February 2017 780 KB 17/03/2017
Cadia Meteorology Monitoring Summary - March 2017 784 KB 19/04/2017
Cadia Meteorology Monitoring Summary - April 2017 544 KB 05/06/2017
Cadia Meteorology Monitoring Summary - May 2017 704 KB 21/06/2017


The meteorological monitoring locations are shown in maps below:

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Meteorological Monitoring